Who We Are

Dubatt Battery Recycling L.L.C is a Joint Venture between Regency Group for Corporate Management L.L.C and Seashore Group.

We have Industrial License from Dubai Economic Department and UAE Ministry of Industries and Advanced technology and is also approved by Dubai Municipality to procure Battery Scrap (ULAB) for recycling. We are registered in Dubai Municipality WDS (Waste Disposal Services) and is permitted to legally collect scrap batteries, recycle the same and issue Green Certificate your organization.

Our Battery Recycling plant is at Dubai Industrial City and is the first of its kind, fully integrated lead acid battery recycling plant in in United Arab Emirates. We manufacture pure lead and lead alloy ingots, Lead products and plastic products from the recycled batteries.

Currently, our annual capacity is to recycle 25,000 metric tons of batteries per year and produce around 14,000 metric tons of Lead Ingots, lead alloys and other lead products. We are expecting to double our capacity to 50,000 metric tons by Q4 2023

If you wish to register for sustainable recycling solutions for your used battery scrap or procure lead or lead alloys; please contact us at: hello@dubatt.com

Thank you!

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