1. Soft Lead & Lead Alloys
  • Pure Lead Ingots (99.97% to 99.985%)
  • Lead Selenium Alloys
  • Lead Antimony - Arsenic Alloys
  • Lead Calcium Alloy
  • Lead Tin Alloys
  • Special Custom Alloys as per specification

We have Inhouse Spectro Laboratory and QA/QC team. We have the capability to manufacture any custom lead alloys as per customer requirements and assure supply consistency and in-house logistic team to arrange delivery on Ex-Factory or CIF/DDP to your facility around the world.

Pure Lead Ingots
2. PPE Chips (Polypropylene Plastic Chips)

The battery casings are crushed, cleaned, and separated in our recycling process and these are packed to Jumbo Bags. We can supply a consistent quantity of crushed PPE chips to plastic recyclers, manufacturers of plastic products including new battery casings and traders.

PPE Chips
3. Lead Sheet

We can manufacture multiple grades, thickness and size of lead sheets used for medical purposes, scientific & research organizations, and industrial application as per our customer requirements.

Lead Sheet
4. Lead Wire

We can manufacture custom lead and lead alloy wires as per our customer requirements. Lead wire is used for a variety of applications such as lead anodes, lead weights, lead cable sheathing and manufacturing of various mechanical and industrial parts.

Lead Wire
5. Other Custom-Made Lead Products

We can manufacture any custom lead products that may be used in Marine & Fishing Industry, Medical, Industrial, Research and other Defense & Military applications. We have in-house capability for design and molding as per customer requirements.

Other Custom-Made Lead Products
6. Gypsum Powder (Calcium Sulfate)

Calcium Sulfate is a by-product generated during the acid neutralization process. This is sold to cement and other chemical manufacturing entities as Raw material

Gypsum Powder