Dubatt Battery Recycling LLC Launches UAE's First ULAB Recycling Company

March 23, 2023


Dubai, 23/03/2023- , Dubatt Battery Recycling LLC a leader in sustainable waste management, has officially launched the UAE's first ULAB recycling company. With a mission to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices, Dubatt is excited to offer a new solution for responsible battery disposal.

ULABs, or used lead-acid batteries, are one of the most commonly used batteries in the world and are also one of the most hazardous to the environment. They are often improperly disposed of, leading to environmental contamination and health risks. With the launch of the new ULAB recycling company, Dubatt aims to provide a safe and sustainable solution for businesses and individuals looking to responsibly dispose of their used batteries.

The process of ULAB recycling involves the careful removal of hazardous materials and the extraction of reusable lead, plastic, and acid components. These components are then reprocessed and used to create new batteries, reducing the need for raw materials and minimizing environmental impact.

We are thrilled to bring this new service to the UAE, says Mr. Shamsudheen Bin Mohideen, Dubatt's Co-Founder and Chairman. "Our team has worked hard to develop a safe and sustainable solution for ULAB disposal, and we believe this will have a significant impact on reducing environmental contamination and promoting responsible waste management practices in the region."

Dubatt is committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact through its range of waste management services. With the launch of the new ULAB recycling company, the company continues to expand its offerings and provide innovative solutions for businesses and individuals looking to make a positive impact on the environment.

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 About Us

The First Fully Integrated Battery Recycling Facility in the region. Our proposed Battery Recycling plant is being constructed at Dubai Industrial City and will be the first of its kind, fully integrated lead acid battery recycling plant in in United Arab Emirates.

Dubatt Battery Recycling L.L.C is a Joint Venture between Regency Group for Corporate Management L.L.C and Seashore Group. A licensed entity by Dubai Economic Department and Ministry of Industries and Advanced technology, UAE.

 How we recycle

The Recycling process of Used Lead Acid Batteries can be categorized to 3 stages :

1.Battery Breaking & Separation

Batteries are Crushed in a hammer mill and undergo a process called hydro separation in a series of machineries to separate the various components as

  • Lead paste & terminals
  • Polypropylene chips (PPE Plastics)
  • Gypsum from the Acid Neutralization process
2. Smelting

Preparation of charge (lead grids and lead paste) along with other reagents/chemicals and charging to the rotary furnace and recovering of the metal as jumbo lead bullions.

3. Refining

Further refining of the lead bullions to yield refined lead ingots and lead alloys as per customer requirement which then goes for manufacturing of new batteries.